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Compost + horse manure
So where to get it from..ask your neighbour do they have any-if you have space why not set-up a compost heap together…
If you need local compost try Aardvark recycling they are based in Lambeth Flodden Road just under the railway bridge and on the right..
Get horse manure from local stables e.g. Dulwich on the South Circular..
Why not start your own compost bin or make a wormery -see post above for how to make your own wormery from tyres!
If you are planting cucumbers it is great to plant half rotted vegetable waste underneath with a layer of cardboard and then compost on top as the cues will get heat and thus humidity from the waste breaking down.
If you need to buy compost try VitalEarth¬† there are various sorts and can be found for sale at Alleyn Park Garden Centre rear of 77 Park Hall Road or TerraFirma, Knollys Road…This is PEAT FREE, organic and recycled…They do no 1 and no2 similar to John Innes (but this contains peat; VitalEarth doesn’t) as well as Soil improver, vegetable compost and lots more
Come along to our workshops at Myatt’s Field Greenhouse from 1o this Sunday or at the Cossall Estate, Peckham from 3 for more info and to meet some greenfingered folk!