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This Saturday at Myatt’s Field Greenhouse
April 28, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Volunteering opportunties-This Saturday 1st May
Myatts Field Park
Greenhouse planting:
-Sow, sow, sow!
-Herbs and beans-1 pot for you to take home-1 for the greenhouse
-Lots to do , cucumber seedlings among others to plant out, weeding to do…so come with your sleeves rolled up and pitch in! and get dirty!


Growing Southwark Gathering
April 28, 2010, 9:36 pm
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Our next gathering is Wednesday 12th May at 7.30

Upstairs room at Le Petit Parisien,
16 Grove Lane
Camberwell, London SE5 8SY


Feel free to buy a drink at the bar and bring it upstairs, but it is not compulsory. Water will be provided and as we have Ceri from Invisible Food with us we will be having various tastings!

**Ceri Buck from Invisible Food-will be our guest speaker speaking about wild foods available in May and what we can do with them;

**Tool, seed/plant and pot swap-any spare seeds to swap, have you extra tomato plants you don’t need and would like to pass on or tools that you no longer need or are a bit rusty (we can get them regenerated and pass them on) or do you have a pile of pots you are not using?! Then bring them along to swap.

Volunteers needed at PP event
April 10, 2010, 9:34 pm
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Volunteers needed to help out on stall


Peckham Power Event at Area 10, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Hill Street, SE15 5JT


Saturday, 17th April, 2pm – 6pm

Growing Southwark has a stall to demonstrate growing in recycled containers:

Propagator + wick

From a plastic bottle we can make a propagator or a self watering plant pot.

We’ll then sow a few seeds: 1 pot to take away & 1 for Cossall Estate Community Growing Project.

Let’s Grow Southwark together!

See for more information

Foyles-urban gardening window display-priceless!!
April 8, 2010, 9:39 pm
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I am loving Foyles new window display SOOOOOOOOOOOO much that I have nominated it for a ‘Green Corners for Health and Wellbeing award’ see here: and the previous post on my blog:

Here’s what I said in my nomination email:

‘ Foyles have produced a no.1: the first Urban Gardenwindow display (this may need its own separate category!). What better way to promote urban growing than in central London itself. The window is a natural greenhouse, with a little love and tender care Foyles will be selling their produce in their café! Watch out Selfridges will be doing it next (wouldn’t that be fun!). In the window they have tumbling tomatoes in a pail, climbing peas in a water tank, two pot plants of peas, radishes in the corner and a row of lettuce in the front. It would be great to see them add tumbling nasturtiums for some flowery colour. For me this shows that anyone can grow edible plants anywhere I just love it! Please make Foyles a winner and keep an eye on Facebook to see how their growing grows!

foyles window2

London’s Green Corners -launched today
April 8, 2010, 7:50 pm
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Launched today-London’s Green Corners Awards. This time they’re running over a full year with monthly winners who’ll go forward to the grand final to be judged by our expert panel next spring –   Overall winners on 21 March 2011.

So whenever your green  corner, or one you know, looks its very best – be it spring, or even the deepest winter, you can enter it then. Or you can enter it more than once if it has different peaks during the seasons.

There are 12 categories and we hope you’ll find one or more that you would like to enter or perhaps you know a green corner that you’d like to nominate (there’s a bottle of champagne for the nominators of the overall winners). We’re looking for lots of entries to help turn London as green as we can and to celebrate everyone’s efforts.

Archant London, which publish over 30 of London’s weekly newspapers, is our media partner and will be publicising the monthly winners during the year. We’re also working with The Garden Museum and one green corner a month will be chosen to be displayed there in a very special green corner.

The details are in the press release below and here

With spring here at last, the search is now on and entries are welcome from today until next March. Let’s see if we can get as many entries as we can from Southwark and beyond!

Press release:


Calling on Londoners who turn the capital green

The Conservation Foundation has launched  its Green Corners Awards inviting all Londoners to join the campaign to make London one of the world’s greenest capital cities. The search is now on to find the beautiful, unusual, unexpected, inspirational, gorgeous, delicious and witty green corners.

The Green Corners Awards celebrate Londoners whose often out of the way green spaces improve the quality of life for people living and working in the capital. Inclusive and inspiring, they enable anyone to play a part in making London greener and also generate great goodwill in communities.

This year the awards emphasise the vital role green corners play in encouraging and supporting biodiversity throughout London.  Says Conservation Foundation Director David Shreeve, “2010 is the UN’s International Year of Biodiversity and London’s Green Corners could well make the capital one of the most biodiverse places in the world.”  He continues, “Whilst Green Corners may be small, often  secret places, they can be home to a host of plants and insects which added together play an important role in the quality of life and health of Londoners.”

The Foundation, with support from the Tanner Trust, is running the awards over a full year, showing London’s hidden green gems which come into their own at different times through the seasons. Says David Shreeve, “As well as bringing biodiversity to the urban landscape, they will enable individuals, communities and business to play their part in greening the city for the 2012 Olympics.”

This is a gardening competition you don’t need to have a garden to enter and the Foundation is also looking for individuals to nominate Green Corners which are looked after by neighbours, or strangers who nurture pavement plantings, roof terraces, balconies or simple window sills, alleyways or sacred spaces providing welcome breaks from the urban rush.

Other Green Corners worthy of awards are community areas, playgrounds with children’s flowers and vegetable plots, mews transformed by green fingered neighbours, and green additions to bus stops and stations which brighten journeys.

The individual categories are:

  • Community Green Corners – urban green spaces cared for and shared by people living nearby (supported and judged by Archant London).
  • Edible Green Corners where herbs, fruit and vegetables thrive (supported and judged by Capital Growth’s campaign for 2012 new food growing spaces).
  • Green Corners for Health and Wellbeing – in offices and public buildings, as well as shops, hotels and restaurants which boost physical and mental wellbeing
  • On The Move – green corners on boats, bikes, buses, trains, tubes, taxis or at stations and bus stops and visible from them as you pass.
  • Mews Green Corners made colourful by green fingered neighbours (sponsored and judged by Lurot Brand).
  • No Man’s Land – unloved and uncared for strips of land, alleyways or cut throughs.
  • Pavement Green Corners – pavement patches and tree wells (in association with Guerrilla Gardening’s  Pimp Your Pavement).
  • Roof terraces, balconies and window sills with bird and insect loving plants (sponsored and judged by Capital Gardens).
  • Sacred Spaces – peaceful places for quiet reflection (sponsored and judged by Natural England).
  • School Green Corners where pupils and teachers get together to turn grey spaces green (in association with Tools Shed).
  • Water-wise Green Corners planted to flourish whatever the weather (sponsored and judged by Thames Water).
  • Young Londoners – green corners created by young people under 25.

The Judging Panel includes Christopher Woodward, Director of the Garden Museum, botanist David Bellamy and actress and keen gardener Susan Hampshire.

Monthly winners will be chosen for each category who will receive a certificate and local publicity and  go forward to the final for judging at the beginning of 2011. Each month a green corner will be chosen to be displayed in The Garden Museum. Winners will receive special Green Corners prize and the nominators will be given a bottle of champagne. The overall winner of London’s Green Corners will be presented with The Conservation Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Trophy.

For more information on London’s Green Corners Awards and details of how to enter, visit

Ends here


The Conservation Foundation was founded in 1982 by David Shreeve and David Bellamy to promote positive environmental news, awareness and action.  Since then it has created and managed a large number of initiatives involving a wide range of environmental issues.

London Green Corners Awards were first launched in 1992 and relaunched in 2007, The Conservation Foundation’s 25th anniversary year. In 2008 a Special Award went to Islington Gardeners’ Forgotten Corners, a group of seven who care for pavement side plots in Islington.  Olley’s Fish Experience in Herne Hill won a Blooming Fantastic Award for a gloriously colourful display that attracts attention from everyone going up and down Norwood Road.  HMP Wandsworth won two awards and the Admin Garden, which greets everyone as they come through the prison walls, was singled out for a Blooming Fantastic Award.  Other Green Corners honoured were a garden scheme to improve a garage site in Twickenham, an edible garden, a traffic island and hospital garden in Lambeth tended by Guerrilla Gardeners and the Sarastro restaurant in Westminster, a glorious green space on Drury Lane filled with colourful flowers.

The Judges in 2010 are Matthew Appleby (Horticulture Week), Pattie Barron (Evening Standard), David Bellamy, chairman of the judges, Rosie Boycott (Chair of London Food), Susan Hampshire (Actress and keen gardener), Geoff Martin (Group Editor, Archant London), David Shreeve (Director of The Conservation Foundation) and Christopher Woodward (Director of the Garden Museum).

For further press information and images please contact Lindsay Swan on 020 7591 3111; 07961 181982.

Volunteering opportunties-This Sunday 11th April
April 7, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Sunday, 11 April 2010
10:00 – 13:00
Myatts Field Park
Greenhouse planting:
-Sow, sow, sow!
-Herbs, salad leaves and marigolds in the greenhouse.
-Lots to do and gravel to shift too, so come with your sleeves rolled up and pitch in!

and later in the afternoon:

Cossall Estate Growing Project on Cossall Park, Peckham, SE15
Sunday, 11 April 2010
14:30 – 17:00
Cossall Park, north end of Gordon Road
It’s raising the bed time! We have some more top soil to add as the bed settles. The grass needs raking and any soil conditioner bagging for the next bed….and then we need to start sowing some seeds!! sow, sow, sow…………..

All hands on deck for this final push!
Cossall Park is here:

Compost + horse manure
So where to get it from..ask your neighbour do they have any-if you have space why not set-up a compost heap together…
If you need local compost try Aardvark recycling they are based in Lambeth Flodden Road just under the railway bridge and on the right..
Get horse manure from local stables e.g. Dulwich on the South Circular..
Why not start your own compost bin or make a wormery -see post above for how to make your own wormery from tyres!
If you are planting cucumbers it is great to plant half rotted vegetable waste underneath with a layer of cardboard and then compost on top as the cues will get heat and thus humidity from the waste breaking down.
If you need to buy compost try VitalEarth there are various sorts and can be found for sale at Alleyn Park Garden Centre rear of 77 Park Hall Road or TerraFirma, Knollys Road…This is PEAT FREE, organic and recycled…They do no 1 and no2 similar to John Innes (but this contains peat; VitalEarth doesn’t) as well as Soil improver, vegetable compost and lots more
Come along to our workshops at Myatt’s Field Greenhouse from 1o this Sunday or at the Cossall Estate, Peckham from 3 for more info and to meet some greenfingered folk!